Cadillac Sign and Decal helps your business get recognized!

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Cadillac Sign and Decal has been in business since 1968, they started the company making simple plastic name plates. They were ahead of their time from the very beginning utilizing screen print technology before most other sign companies.

They have come a long way since the 60’s, but they are still leading their competition in innovation. In fact, they were the first company in Kentucky to use computer cut vinyl lettering.

Now powerhouse companies that are recognized world wide, like Amazon Fulfillment centers are putting their trust in the top of the line quality that is produced by Cadillac Sign and Decal.

You only get one first impression and the first thing that your customers see is how you are represented in your signage. Making an investment in signage is taking the first step to a positive first impression. If your sign isn’t easy to read, then chances are you are missing out on new business for your company.

Call Cadillac Sign and Decal today to find out how they can help your company stand out!